How to Convert Float to Integer in Rust


Using as Keyword

Executing an as expression casts the value on the left-hand side to the type on the right-hand side.

An example of an as expression:

fn main() {
  let a = 3.6415_f64;

  let b = a as i64;
  println!("{}", b);

Using round Function

The round() function returns the nearest integer to a number. Round half-way cases away from 0.0.

See the following example:

fn main() {
  let a = 3.6415_f64;

  let mut b = a.round() as i64;
  println!("round: {}", b);

  b = a.trunc() as i64;
  println!("trunc: {}", b);

  b = a.ceil() as i64;
  println!("ceil: {}", b);

  b = a.floor() as i64;
  println!("floor: {}", b);
round: 4
trunc: 3
ceil: 4
floor: 3

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