How to install Zepto.js


Zepto is a minimalist JavaScript library for modern browsers with a largely jQuery-compatible API.

While 100% jQuery coverage is not a design goal, the APIs provided match their jQuery counterparts. The goal is to have a ~5-10k modular library that downloads and executes fast, with a familiar and versatile API, so you can concentrate on getting stuff done.


You can download the latest version of Zepto from the GitHub releases or use a Zepto CDN.

Cloning a repository

You can clone a repository from to your local computer.
Cloning with HTTPS URLs
git clone
Cloning with SSH URLs
git clone [email protected]:madrobby/zepto.git
Cloning with GitHub CLI
gh repo clone madrobby/zepto

Install via NPM package

Run the following command to locally install the package and its dependencies with NPM.
Downloading and installing packages locally
npm i zepto
npm install zepto
yarn add zepto
Downloading and installing packages globally
npm i -g zepto
yarn global add zepto
Install Specific Version of a Package
npm install [email protected]
bower install zepto